openconnect on macOS

Frank Winkler oc at
Tue Nov 30 07:35:29 PST 2021

Hi there !

I've been using oc on Linux and macOS for quite a while now and it 
worked fine so far. Since I upgraded to macOS 12, it seems that oc is 
crashing the entire network stack after running for some time. 
Connections get slower and slower and then new connections cannot be 
created, ending up with socket errors. I didn't find a way to cure the 
system unless I reboot. Is there a known incompatibility to macOS 12?

And as the last update is one and a half years old, is there any further 

What I also noticed: even when oc was working ok, it looked like it 
introduced a lot of latencies. When using the original Cisco client, 
things work smoother but I can't do split tunneling and I don't have LAN 

Any ideas?


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