Connection problem

Daniel Lenski dlenski at
Sat Nov 20 08:39:38 PST 2021

On Sat, Nov 20, 2021 at 1:11 AM Oleg Tyurin <oit1976 at> wrote:
> When I connect to our corporate VPN server, I do not receive all routes, so I cannot use some resources

What does "not receive all routes" mean? What routes do you *expect*,
but don't get set? What happens if you try to manually add them to the
routing table after connection… do they work?

> The openconnect client was installed from the official freebsd repository.
> The OS is 13.0-RELEASE

openconnect --version output?

> Please advise how can I do to fix it?
> The openconnect output is in the attached file

Most of this log comes from the vpnc-script
which sets up routing and DNS, not from OpenConnect itself. What
version of the vpnc-script are you running?

> route: writing to routing socket: Cannot allocate memory
> add net gateway fib 0: Cannot allocate memory

I've never seen errors like "cannot allocate memory" associated with
routing configuration. It appears that something is going wrong with
adding the VPN interface as the *default* route. I don't use or know
much about *BSD's routing utilities. Have any other FreeBSD users
encountered anything like this?


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