OpenConnect & Firefox in Ubuntu Linux

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Jan 18 19:16:17 EST 2012

On Wed, 2012-01-18 at 17:51 -0600, Ben Kietzman wrote:
> I use your OpenConnect 3.02 client on three of those computers.
> Firefox consistently loses its settings and add-ons on all three
> computers using OpenConnect. 

Hm, that's odd. Cisco's client does use Firefox's NSS library and even
the Firefox NSS *database* (stupidly) for its SSL key storage, but
OpenConnect does not. OpenConnect uses OpenSSL instead.

I cannot imagine any direct interaction between Firefox and OpenConnect
which would do this.

Do you have Firefox sync enabled? Does something weird happen when it
tries to sync through your company network instead of directly through
the Internet to the Mozilla servers?

Can you reproduce this if you run in 'split tunnel' mode so that only
packets for your company network are routed to the VPN?

My next step in debugging would be to monitor Firefox's configuration
storage to see *exactly* when the change happens, and capture the
network traffic around that time to see what's going on.

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