OpenConnect & Firefox in Ubuntu Linux

Ben Kietzman ben at
Wed Jan 18 18:51:38 EST 2012

I have been using OpenConnect to access my company's corporate
network.  It works great!  Thank you for such a wonderful tool.
However, there does appear to be one strange side effect.  I have
Ubuntu Linux 11.10 installed on six computers in my house.  They all
have Firefox 9 installed.  I use your OpenConnect 3.02 client on three
of those computers.  Firefox consistently loses its settings and
add-ons on all three computers using OpenConnect.  I use Firefox
heavily on one of the computers and even build a script that restores
all the Firefox settings.  I run that script daily due to this issue.
On the other hand, the other three computers that do not use
OpenConnect never lose their Firefox settings.  I installed and
configured all six of these systems myself so I know it's not some
strange configuration.  The only commonality I can see is that three
of them use OpenConnect.

I did some searching and saw that Cisco's AnyConnect client does use
some of the Firefox libraries.  That was what originally got me
thinking this issue probably stems from some underlying functionality
linked between OpenConnect and Firefox.  Would you have any insight
into this kind of issue?  And any resolution if one exists?  Thank you
very much for taking the time to read and consider my issue.  I
appreciate any feedback and assistance you may provide.

I work as a C/C++ developer in case I could be of any assistance.

Ben Kietzman
ben at

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