openconnect stopped working

Pstrang Rzekle pstrang_w_rzekle at
Mon Apr 23 10:44:29 EDT 2012

Running Fedora Core 16 under Gnome.

My office IT department made a change to the vpn server and i cannot connect anymore.

It wants me to enable cisco secure desktop trojans, which doesn't sound 
good, but I did select that option in the Network Setting for my office 
vpn profile.

It downloads some java files and asks for permission to run them.  I say
 yes, but still no luck, vpn connection fails: "there were no valid VPN 

My next plan was to try and 
connect with sudo/root permissions.  But I cannot find documentation how
 to run my vpn in a terminal where I can give root permissions!

Openconnect doesn't seem to understand the option enable_csd_trojan=yes.

For the interim fix, I installed Cisco AnyConnect Client for Linux.

Thanks for the comments.

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