OpenConnect 3.17 release

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Apr 20 08:21:01 EDT 2012

More Solaris fixes — especially for Solaris 10. Including a workaround
for the horrific fact that time() goes backwards on Solaris.

The important change is that vpnc-script is now mandatory. You provide
one at ./configure time (or it detects /etc/vpnc/vpnc-script), and it
will use that by default. The old code which manually set the Legacy IP
address with ioctl() is gone, since it was never useful anyway — it only
handled Legacy IP and not IPv6, and it didn't even set up any routing.
You always needed the script. This matches vpnc's behaviour.

Requiring it at ./configure time will hopefully help to ensure that
distribution packages are doing the right thing and shipping with at
least an install-time dependency on a package containing vpnc-script.

David Woodhouse (26):
      Invoke vpnc-script with "pre-init" to load tun module if necessary
      Use autoconf's standard $(htmldir) and make everything relative to it
      Really disable static library when appropriate
      Include <string.h> in library.c
      Cope with ancient autoconf by defining $(htmldir) and $(localedir) manually
      Update changelog
      Remove out of date openconnect.html
      Attempt to build against OpenSSL without pkg-config
      Don't leave stray zlib in $LIBS
      Don't attempt to configure Legacy IP address on tun device.
      Make vpnc-script mandatory.
      Add local implementation of asprintf() for Solaris 10
      Remove openconnect.html from EXTRA_DIST
      Remove gratuitous ARP plumbing which breaks Solaris 10
      Work around time() brokenness on Solaris.
      Move asprintf() implementation to compat.c
      Work around warnings caused by Solaris misdefinition of 'struct option'.
      Cast uid_t to (long) to print it, silencing warnings on Solaris
      Fix for Solaris 10
      Update changelog
      Update translations from Transifex
      Remove unused started.xml page
      Update supported platform list
      Update distro status
      Update building and vpnc-script pages for mandatory vpnc-script
      Tag version 3.17

Mike Miller (2):
      Install HTML docs under $(docdir)/html
      Fix shared/static setup to clarify default setting

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