new to netwinder

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at
Sat Jul 28 11:19:44 EDT 2007

| From: Francois Jacques <jacf01 at>

| Looking at the debian etch activity, it looks like some Debian got it
| working.

Maybe that is the best way to go.  My impression of Debian is that it
supports a wide range of system sizes.  Thus it should be able to
fit on the modestly-resourced Netwinder.

What are other folks experiences?

Is it still the case that there is no support for the Netwinder's sound 
chip in the 2.6 kernels?

| My HDD died recently, I got a replacement from Fujitsu

Hmm.  Are Netwinders picky about what drives they use?  I just asked
about a 30G limit.  Are there other compatability issues?

|, but the netwinder
| just REFUSES to get an IP address from the dhcp and, in fixed IP addr mode,
| to fetch the boot image from my tftpserver. Not sure if the NICs are dead or
| not, I tried with both (and the firewall on the tftp server was off during
| the effort)

Can you see anything with tcpdump on the other side?

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