Clearing out NetWinders

Peter Rofner profner at
Sun Mar 27 07:08:55 EST 2005


I asked before if there was a market for NetWinder and if it was worth
me holding on to the ones I have. I have decided that there is neither a
great market or great value for what I need out of them. I removed the
hard-drive from my NetWinders since they are probably more valuable than
the units and can be reused in my future project.

I now have three NetWinders to part with. Two of them have 128M RAM and
one is 64M. No drives installed. I only have one working power supply
and one dead one (basement flood), the third is missing. I also have one
or two of the little plastic stand-up bases. If anybody wants a
NetWinder from this list, make me an offer. Best offers get it/them,
depending on how many you want. For simplicity sake, consider them to be
available for pick-up in Richmond, ON or you arrange delivery.

Peter Rofner
Tomato Pi

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