Netwinder info.

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Fri Mar 25 17:03:56 EST 2005

Oztan, Deniz wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks in advance I have a very little used ARM netwinder machine with 
> 10 gig drive and 64 memory. I got this from my brother and
> I know he used it very little by mistake I reset everything and now I am 
> having problem connecting through browser. Is there anywhere
> I can reload this machine or is there any other operating system better 
> used for this machine? I have the cd's but no manual with
> this unit.

You can reload the original OS from the CD that came with it (check out 
the Rescue-HOWTO on, or section 8.5 in the faq:

There are newer disk images available as well - "NW-9" is the most 
current, and is an approximate port of Redhat 9 to ARM/Netwinder.  The 
base image can be found in pub/netwinder/images directory any of the FTP 
mirror sites (


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