NetWinder Market?

Peter Rofner profner at
Fri Mar 25 12:15:55 EST 2005


I have three NetWinder OfficeServers that have recently been replaced
with beefier IBM/Gentoo servers. I'm rather at a loss on what to do with
them. I was debating turning them into Internet Kiosks, but I think they
may not be all that easy to customize into that form being ARM and me
not being a programmer and not knowing that much about Red-Hat (and with
a 2 week deadline). I have a couple prototype kiosks made with Gentoo
and VIA EPIA (fanless) which work very well but I'm not sure how easy it
is to get the NetWinder to work the same as those.

Is there any market to sell these little units to help finance some more
VIA/Gentoo units? Two have 128M RAM, one is 64M. Two have 12G drives,
the other 10G. The 64M/10G I just imaged over to the DM-3.9 image to
test out the kiosk idea while the other two have the stock Office Server
setup on them. I think they would need to be re-imaged as well since I'm
not sure of the settings or the passwords. Or would it be worth it to
continue the trek to make these things into kiosks?


Peter Rofner
Tomato Pi

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