nothing but problems

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Mon Jan 17 08:14:46 EST 2005

ninjasuit2000-netwinder at wrote:
> I'm still having issues with compiling a kernel on my
> netwinder, but I've basically given up on that
> endevour as my eventual goal of getting the ebtables
> bridging firewall patches in there is going to be
> fruitless untill we get some of the newer 2.4 series
> kernels working or make the jump to a 2.6 series
> kernel.

Point me to the patches you want to see integrated and I'll take a look 
next time I go building kernels.

> My latest issue though is trying to compile a program
> from a tarball and the configure script will not find
> the libraries for openssl. I've tried compiling a few
> programs and run into this issue (elinks & ctorrent)
> any ideas oh how to get this working? I don't have
> much of a background with redhat based distros to know
> if I need to create any symlinks or change and
> lines or anything... 

Most likely means you haven't got the openssl-devel package installed 
(that is where all the header files are in redhat... most packages have 
a corresponging package-devel containing headers and such).

Which netwinder disk image are you using?  nw-9 hopefully?  You 
shouldn't have to fiddle with or anything like that.

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