nothing but problems

ninjasuit2000-netwinder at ninjasuit2000-netwinder at
Sun Jan 16 18:19:18 EST 2005

I'm still having issues with compiling a kernel on my
netwinder, but I've basically given up on that
endevour as my eventual goal of getting the ebtables
bridging firewall patches in there is going to be
fruitless untill we get some of the newer 2.4 series
kernels working or make the jump to a 2.6 series

My latest issue though is trying to compile a program
from a tarball and the configure script will not find
the libraries for openssl. I've tried compiling a few
programs and run into this issue (elinks & ctorrent)
any ideas oh how to get this working? I don't have
much of a background with redhat based distros to know
if I need to create any symlinks or change and lines or anything... 

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