Seeking Netwinder Hardware

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Wed Jan 12 09:39:54 EST 2005

Pace wrote:

> My problem is pretty simple, and I hope you guys can help me out. I'm
> looking for a powersupply for a Netwinder rackmount server. There
> appears to be no model number, just the text " Technology
> with Attitude"  across the front.

Ah yes, the infamous "branding" sticker.  Other than the unusual 
connector (its an automotive part I believe) the power supply is pretty 
ordinary... you need +12 VDC out and at least 2.0 Amps (therefore 24W, 
but more doesn't hurt, especially on the rackmount with large disks).

Some more details can be found at:
(ignore the reference to support at, they are gone too)

Now where to get them... it seems is gone... haven't heard 
from them in a long time.  So forget trying to get a power supply there. 
  Best bet is a local computer shop, Radio Shack, surplus/recycling 
depot, etc.

Hope this helps,

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