continued troubles compiling kernel

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Sat Jan 8 15:54:50 EST 2005

I forgot to mention, the limits.h that you want is the one that is part 
of the kernel source directory.  If you're trying to rebuild the src.rpm 
then the file is most probably:

or else wherever you did unpack the kernel tarball and apply the various 
patches to it.

Now when the compiler sees #include <linux/limits.h> then it will by 
default go looking in /usr/include/linux/limits.h  e.g. it will prefix 
/usr/include to the filename in question.  One way or another you have 
to get the right files to show up there... symbolic links are the way we 
usually handle this, though you could just copy the whole directory over 
(which will cause you grief when you later forget you did that, and try 
to build a newer kernel with the "old" header files).


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