Memory include fails during first run of cardmgr

Komuro komurojun-mbn at
Tue Oct 18 08:21:12 EDT 2005

Please try pcmciautils instead of cardmgr.

Best Regards

>1) During the first run of cardmgr, the following error appears:
>   "could not adjust resource: memory 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff: Input/output
>   error". Stopping cardmgr and running it a second time does not yield
>   this error any longer. This also holds for all further runs. The
>   functioning of pcmcia does not seem to suffer from the error (except
>   for the issue in 2). I have attached the strace of the first run
>   and the second one. Note in the first run:
>   ioctl(3, DECODER_GET_STATUS or DEVFSDIOC_SET_EVENT_MASK, 0x8002af80) =
>   -1 EIO (Input/output error)
>   while in the second, the ioctl works:
>   ioctl(3, DECODER_GET_STATUS or DEVFSDIOC_SET_EVENT_MASK, 0x8002af80) = 0
>2) Regardless, of whether cardmgr is run for the first or second (or
>   later) time, only every second "card insert event" is handled, i.e. if
>   I insert a pcmcia card for the first time, nothing happens; after
>   removing the card and plugging it in a second time, it works and so on.

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