yenta_socket misfeature

Kot. Czarny. szary_a at
Sun Jan 30 16:01:38 EST 2005

the problem is.. i have sandisk ata-flash ide card, bios detects it and
connects aa /dev/hdc, in old (standalone) i82365 driver it just says:

    host opts [1]: already alive!

and everything works fine. with 2.4 in-kernel modules, or with 2.6 
yenta_socket it reinitializes it and /dev/hdc is lost, and it couldn't mount
rootfs anymore. when booted from /dev/hda, card is redetected as /dev/hde, 
but booted alone it doesn't even get detected as /dev/hde by the time vfs
rootfs mount..
so.. can old functionality be restored? (that it just leaves it as it is)
(i will apply/test patches to help, but my coding skills are puny :)

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