32bit Cardbus CF adaptor

Mark Lord mlord at pobox.com
Sat Oct 16 12:10:41 EDT 2004


I saw your message on linux-pcmcia.
Today I purchased a Delkin Cardbus CF adaptor
similar (identical?) to yours.

It is definitely ATA -- the standard ATA register file
is at I/O offset 0x10 from the I/O base address, and I can
indeed read/write sectors etc.. using those ports, but at
moderately slow speeds.

I think we need more info to figure out how to turn on prefetch etc..
to get the higher transfer rates used in the Windows drivers.

One thing that would be very useful to me, would be a register dump
of the I/O ports *after* the windows driver has initialized them.
Any ideas on how to do that?

Mark Lord
(ex-Linux IDE Guy)
Real-Time Remedies Inc.
mlord at pobox.com

32bit Cardbus CF adaptor
Dan Baryon mymail7799 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 13:22:30 GMT 2004

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Thanks a lot. I will get one and try.
The adaptor is in fact developed by ASKA corp in Japan, and there is
a little more information on the site

--- Pavel Roskin <proski at gnu.org> wrote:
  > On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Pavel Roskin wrote:
  > > The Windows driver contains many references to
  > SCSI, which only confirms
  > > that the card is seen as a disk, not as a PCMCIA
  > bridge.
  > >
  > > It may have a supported SCSI chip, but it's more
  > likely that you'll have
  > > to write a SCSI driver for it.
  > Sorry, I looked in cf32ax.inf again, at it appears
  > that some references to
  > SCSI are commented out and replaces with ATA.  So it
  > may be an ATA
  > adaptor, which are supported.  Chances are much
  > better in this case.
  > Even it it doesn't work out of box, all necessary
  > code is already in the
  > kernel, you'll just need to add some IDs to the
  > tables of supported
  > devices.

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