[Linux-parport] parport_serial and parport_pc detecting issue

Rus V. Brushkoff rus at SoyuzKT.Od.UA
Fri Mar 18 09:03:17 EST 2005


 Begining from the patch-2.6.9 I've noticed some issue concerning
parport_serial and parport_pc modules. In this patch new PCI ID's were
added for NetMos chips. correctly detects my EIO 222N-2 2S-1P card
on the NetMos 9835 chip (two serial and one parallel port), but all
kernels >= 2.6.9 detects only parallel port on this card and ignores two
serial ports. If one deletes the 9835 PCI ID from parport_pc.c file the
serial ports is detected ok again.
 So there some priority bug - if PCI ID is listed in parport_pc - the
parport_serial ignores this card in probe path.

P.S.	 Can supply any additional info. Do not subscribed to the list -
	cc directly.


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