ext2_lookup() and i_count

Alexander Larsson alex at cendio.se
Fri May 19 09:05:48 EDT 2000

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Sébastien Côté wrote:

> Alexander Larsson wrote :
> > I have huge problems with rm (unlink). If i unlink a file i've recently
> > read i get a BUG() in clear_inode() in fs/inode.c. See my posting to
> > linux-kernel for more info.
> > Otherwise i haven't done much testing, I've mainly done separate testing
> > of each function as I've implemented them.
> I played with the filesystem today and I noticed that this problem went
> away if I erase every file on the filesystem and re-copy them once it is
> mounted.  I tried that a few times and all my problems went away (unlink
> seems to work fine, df reports are ok, and so on).  I'm starting to
> think that the problem might lie elsewhere.

The problem was that i had no delete_inode() op in the
superblock_operations, so iput didn't call truncate_inode_pages() if there
were any cached pages.

/ Alex

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