ext2_lookup() and i_count

Sébastien Côté scote1 at Matrox.COM
Tue May 16 16:36:43 EDT 2000

Alexander Larsson wrote :

> I have huge problems with rm (unlink). If i unlink a file i've recently
> read i get a BUG() in clear_inode() in fs/inode.c. See my posting to
> linux-kernel for more info.
> Otherwise i haven't done much testing, I've mainly done separate testing
> of each function as I've implemented them.

I played with the filesystem today and I noticed that this problem went
away if I erase every file on the filesystem and re-copy them once it is
mounted.  I tried that a few times and all my problems went away (unlink
seems to work fine, df reports are ok, and so on).  I'm starting to
think that the problem might lie elsewhere.

Could mkfs.jffs be the problem ?  What about mtd ?

Sébastien Côté

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