arm64:, Re: [RFC] Kernel livepatching support in GCC

Szabolcs Nagy szabolcs.nagy at
Thu Oct 22 03:26:28 PDT 2015

On 22/10/15 11:14, AKASHI Takahiro wrote:
> On 10/22/2015 06:07 PM, libin wrote:
>> 在 2015/5/28 16:39, Maxim Kuvyrkov 写道:
>>> Our proposal is that instead of adding -mfentry/-mnop-count/-mrecord-mcount options to other architectures,
>>> we should
>>> implement a target-independent option -fprolog-pad=N, which will generate a pad of N nops at the beginning
>>> of each
>>> function and add a section entry describing the pad similar to -mrecord-mcount [1].
>>> Since adding NOPs is much less architecture-specific then outputting call instruction sequences, this option
>>> can be
>>> handled in a target-independent way at least for some/most architectures.
>>> Comments?
>>> As I found out today, the team from Huawei has implemented [2], which follows x86 example of -mfentry option
>>> generating a hard-coded call sequence.  I hope that this proposal can be easily incorporated into their work
>>> since
>>> most of the livepatching changes are in the kernel.
>> Thanks very much for your effort for this, and the arch-independed implementation
>> is very good to me, but only have one question that how to enture the atomic
>> replacement of multi instructions in kernel side?
> I have one idea, but we'd better discuss this topic in, at least including, linux-arm-kernel.
>> And before this arch-independed option, can we consider the arch-depended -mfentry
>> implemention for arm64 like arch x86 firstly? I will post it soon.
>> livepatch for arm64 based on this arm64 -mfentry feature on github:
>>  master
> I also have my own version of livepatch support for arm64 using yet-coming "-fprolog-add=N" option :)
> As we discussed before, the main difference will be how we should preserve LR register when invoking
> a ftrace hook (ftrace_regs_caller).
> But again, this is a topic to discuss mainly in linux-arm-kernel.
> (I have no intention of excluding gcc ml from the discussions.)

is -fprolog-add=N enough from gcc?

i assume it solves the live patching, but i thought -mfentry
might be still necessary when live patching is not used.

or is the kernel fine with the current mcount abi for that?
(note that changes the code generation in leaf functions
and currently the kernel relies on frame pointers etc.)

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