WPA_SUPPLICANT on OLPC not connecting to HOSTAPD on Raspberry Pi

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Mar 16 21:25:18 PDT 2017

G'day Corey,

What a fascinating problem.  Thanks for writing it up.

Several times in a deep dive into the Open Firmware driver, or the
kernel libertas or mwifiex drivers, with laptops open on my bench, and
wireless sniffers running; I've had suspicions about the firmware in
the wireless device not being fully or properly implemented.  However,
nothing matches perfectly against your problem.

I echo Jouni's thoughts; a next step is to add debugging in the
wireless driver, or use a sniffer to make sure the packets are being

I am interested in helping with this problem; because there's a chance
that solving it will help my customers.

Someone told me once that the firmware blob for the usb8388 device
seems to contain ARM instructions, so you may have some opportunity
there too, depending on your local regulatory regime.

Please do publish your Debian on XO-1 work for myself and others to
engage with.  The devel@ list at lists.laptop.org would be great.
Also wiki.laptop.org.  Both administered by me at the moment.

I'd be happy to sign and host an OLPC build of Jessie if I can
reproduce it myself.

James Cameron

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