freescale mx25 + libertas + 8688

John O'Donnell unixjohn1969 at
Mon May 2 05:10:16 EDT 2011

On 05/02/2011 04:58 AM, zamek wrote:
> Hi John,
> 04/30/2011 08:38 PM keltezéssel, John O'Donnell írta:
>> This driver works for us with guruplugs with this libertas uap8xxx driver. I
>> am going to submit this to the kernel devs and try to get this into the
>> mainline kernel and maintain it myself since I cannot find the original
>> author/maintainer. It does work. I can patch it to work with the latest
>> kernels. I wish I knew who wrote this.
>> I hope you can adapt it!
> Yes it seems to be well! Thx for your module, I think so it is better than
> original (supersecret) Marvell driver, no need to external compile and it is
> compatible with my 2.6.35. kernel.
> I found a little mistake:
> All of
> is
> because that was the version where net_device structure changed.
> Your rc.uap8xxx script is very usable for me, thx to you :)


Thank you so very much!!  I didnt do the research as to when it had changed.  I 
will make the change now.  If I cannot find out who maintains this I will submit 
it to the kernel devs to try to get it in the mainline kernel.  I am tired of 

Thanks again!!!!

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