Developing Linux tree support for Marvell 88W8335

Shahar Or mightyiampresence at
Mon Dec 19 07:23:34 EST 2011

To all whom may NOT be interested in this, I apologize. I collected your
addresses from the libertas-dev mailing lists and because you
seemed to be interested in this about two to three years ago.

So here it is again.

I've two identical PCI NICs with the 88W8335 chip.

I'd like to see firm Linux support for these so I'm doing what I can by
donating them.

If you want to work on the drivers and need a card please tell me and I'll
ship one to you.

BTW they work with ndiswrapper tested in Ubuntu but WPA2-PSK doesn't work
but that's a different driver :)

Thanks for all the amazing work.

BTW2 I'm not subscribed to the libertas-dev list so please reply directly.

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