Developing Linux tree support for Marvell 88W8335

Julian Calaby julian.calaby at
Mon Dec 19 08:21:32 EST 2011

Hi Shahar,

Reading your email again, I completely missed the point: you're not
writing a driver, you're donating cards. Sorry for any confusion.

If *anyone* is developing a driver, the following info, as in my
previous email, could be helpful:

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 00:18, Julian Calaby <julian.calaby at> wrote:
> So, as for actual code and data and stuff:
> The advice I was given when I was starting to write a driver (no
> source remains, it never got to the point where it did anything
> useful) was to start a new mac80211 driver from scratch as this
> hardware is significantly different from the "Libertas" devices as
> used in some mobile devices and the OLPC computers. Another approach
> would be to update the official driver to a newer kernel and stick it
> into staging, then clean it into a mac80211 driver and then push it
> out into the kernel tree proper. I was advised that if I needed any
> hardware info to look at the official driver. (see below)
> There is a blessed version of the firmware in the linux-firmware tree here:
> The official Marvell driver, in a source tree here: - Note that this
> code only works on this exact kernel version and will need some
> significant work to run with any other kernel version.
> And something approximating a partial driver here:
> Also, the hardware is probably also significantly different to the
> "TopDog" devices, so using their driver as a base is probably a bad
> idea. They have an official driver in the source tree here:
> )


Julian Calaby

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