Firmware download problem

Jacky Lam jackylam.gsl at
Mon Mar 2 23:46:42 EST 2009

Dan Williams 提到:
> On Tue, 2009-03-03 at 11:53 +0800, Jacky Lam wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> 	I have some problem in downloading the Marvel 8385 firmware found in
>> the Git tree. After successfully downloading the helper and sd8385.bin,
>> timeout error is always resulted.
> How exactly did you get the firmware?  Did you do a "git clone", or did
> you download from using Firefox or another web
> browser?  I've heard reports that the gitweb server is screwing up
> firmware when downloading through browsers.  If you want to ensure you
> get the firmware correctly, always clone the repo with git directly.
> What are the md5 signatures of your helper and main firmware files?

	I get the firmware from by IE.

	MD5 sum of the firmware are:
	libertas_sd8385_helper.bin 53D51935B4559396A1FAD555B3FA0B9F
	libertas_sd8385.bin 2AD007DFAA797088DA12F2E3A78439F0

	Are they correct?



> Dan
>> 	I have tried to turn on the debug option but the result is that even
>> helper download is failed.
>> 	Could anyone suggest me what I can try out or what more information I
>> should provide in order to fix this problem?
>> 	Thanks.
>> BR,
>> Jacky
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