sd8686 linux system hang when associating to access point

Jonathan Cameron jic23 at
Tue Jun 9 14:30:55 EDT 2009

Dario Vlah wrote:
> I got the wireless-testing driver to work on JAX10 after I applied the
> patch that James Cameron posted a while ago on this mailing list.
> (attached).  Before that it was crashing as you describe; IIRC there was
> some memory corruption due to calling GET_LOG in the wrong context.
> --dario
Oops, that one is still sat in my patches to clean up list. 

I didn't think that a GET_LOG call occurred in association but if you
hit it whilst trying to associate, my guess is something has changed
in wireless tools.

The patch in question was meant to address some issues when getting
signal strength readings but I never really considered what else might
trigger it.

Jonathan Cameron

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