Problems with SD8686 SDIO on HTC Shift

Pierre Ossman drzeus at
Sat Feb 21 08:45:13 EST 2009

On Sun, 08 Feb 2009 14:51:39 +0100
Sven Barth <svenmauren at> wrote:

> Hello together!
> I'm still on this problem and found some news:
> The SD controller is a CG200 from C-Guys (but they don't provide the 
> documentation on their website it seems :( ): 
> Can the IDs be added to the kernel?

Since the device has the correct class, there is no need to add any
ids for driver binding to happen.

> When searching for the IDs of the chip I also found two mailing list 
> threads, which also contained problems about the chip. They are a bit 
> older, but the second one seems to contain some sort of solution.

The thread never got to a point where things were working, so things
are pretty much where they were three years ago.

> I also recompiled the sdhci modules with MMC_DEBUG and used MMC_TEST. 
> The resulting dmesg (with the unrelevant parts stripped and some 
> comments of mine) is attached.

You're seeing CRC errors, which is very different from the problems
previously reported. You're also having some good transfers before
things go south, so it isn't a general problem with data transfers.

The transfer that fails is the first one that is multi-block though.
Try modifying sdhci_add_host() and set mmc->max_blk_count to 1.

For the mmc_test run, it fails on a single block transfer though. But
all subsequent commands time out so I wonder if your card is a bit
crappy. Have you tried with any others?

     -- Pierre Ossman

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