libertas_sdio doesn't work after reloading

Matt Reimer mreimer at
Mon Feb 2 16:31:30 EST 2009

For some reason the libertas_sdio driver works the first time it is
loaded, but not after subsequent reloads. What is the proper fix for
this problem?

I experimented with trying to send CMD_802_11_RESET but to no effect.
For now I'm using a nasty hack that simulates a card insertion/removal
on load/unload, but at least it works.

Perhaps when the card resets, it also resets the SDIO communication
parameters (probably back to 1-bit, etc.) but the stack is still
running the clock fast, in wide mode? I see there's a function
sdio_reset_comm(), but it's unused.

Here's a previous discussion on this problem:
"rmmod libertas_sdio and reinsert causes problems with firmware upload"

What would be the best way to proceed?


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