Problem bringing up module...

Dave Kroetsch davek at
Thu Mar 13 22:35:27 EDT 2008

Ok, so I've tracked down the problem, and it has to do with my platform somehow.  It appears that ioread16_rep is broken on my platform.  Instead of doing multiple reads and filling the array, it does one read and fills the array with that value.

Anyways, I've changed that and put a for loop in there for now and that solves the problem.  Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  

I also had to remove the code in if_cs.c that sets the surpriseremoved flag, because for some reason my platform also gives a few spurious interrupts, although everything else is functioning properly.

With these changes, things work great and I've got the libertas module working perfectly.  Thanks everyone for the great work on the driver!


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