Diversity mode on 8385

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Tue Mar 11 03:38:24 EDT 2008

> No, but until we either fix WEXT or add this stuff to
> cfg80211, we shouldn't be adding stuff to iwpriv, because
> every driver that uses iwpriv does the shit differently, and
> that just sucks.

Ah, iwpriv worked for the last 10 years.

Also suppose every driver would now use debugfs for diversity. 
Then I'm sure that every driver would implement this 
differently, too. The differences of driver-implementation has 
nothing to do with the mechanism of the user-space-API, it has 
something to do that most driver developers only really care for 
their device and fear modifying other devices (to unify the 
API), because often they don't have those other devices or don't 
understand their complexity.

> So obviously we need to fix WEXT; but if you don't want to
> wait until then, I'd suggest debugfs.

Again, debugfs is for debugging. That's why it is called debugfs 
and not wextreplacefs. Embedded devices have size constraints 
and usually don't compile it in.

You can use sysfs or module-parameters for such things.

But anything that might be needed for regular operating of a 
device and which depends on debugfs should get a NACK. At least 
it get's one from me --- there are alternatives, we should use 

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