8686 with SDIO on AT91SAM9263

Hans-Jürgen Koch hjk at linutronix.de
Fri Jan 25 12:39:38 EST 2008

Am Fri, 25 Jan 2008 13:26:50 +0100
schrieb Marc Pignat <marc.pignat at hevs.ch>:

> Hi Hans-Jürgen!
> On Friday 25 January 2008, Hans-Jürgen Koch wrote:
> ...
> > thanks for your patches, I applied and tested them. Unfortunately,
> > they don't change anything. But during my test I noticed an
> > interesting
> ...
> Did you mean you still have 'mmc0: Timeout waiting end of packet'
> messages? 

No, those are gone. But the new host reset routine gets called
endlessly. I added a printk at the very top of that function, and that
fills my terminal program's buffer in seconds.

The end result is the same: I still have this output:

libertas: 00:19:88:05:1c:53, fw 8.73.7p3, cap 0x00000393
libertas: Command 28 timed out
libertas: requeueing command 28 due to timeout (#1)

after that, it hangs.

> Try to remove the patch for packets not modulo 4 and modify
> if_sdio to send only packets with size modulo 4. This is what I do
> here, because the at91rm9200 just can't handle these packets.

Hmm, the 9263 should be able to handle sizes not modulo 4. But I'll
try, anyway.

> Hope this help, still searching for other ideas :-D


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