Questions on libertas driver

Vladimir Davydov vladimir.davydov at
Thu Jan 24 07:17:05 EST 2008

> > I have working version of the libertas driver for the
> > blackfin (BF533). I have fixed all memory alligments crashes
> > what I found.
> Cool!
> > Most of these patches are allready applied in
> > the libertas tree.
> > I can give you the snapshot of sources if you want.
> Most?
> Feel free to send the remaining patches. I can then test them
> against the CF and USB card and ACK them so that they can
> incorporated upstream.

Sorry. I have mistaked,  all my patches are already aplied.
But we (Promwad company team) have two additional short patches which fix two 
memory alligment crashes.  I'm not an author of these patches. Another guy 
from our team is an author. His name is Ihar Hrachyshka.
He will prepare these patches and will publish here.

Best regards,

Vladimir Davydov
Senior Developer
Promwad Innovation Company
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220018, Minsk, Belarus
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