Questions on libertas driver

Holger Schurig hs4233 at
Wed Jan 23 09:24:47 EST 2008

> I sent some message some month ago about implementing libertas
> driver in a blackfin processor based board.


> After that my idea was to use the last libertas sources, I got
> it in the 2.6.24RC1, but there was error during compilation
> because the libertas source included in the 2.6.24RC1 uses
> kernel functions that are not present in my 2.6.19 kernel.

And you cannot use 2.6.24rc on your Blackfin?  Aren't all needed
patches for Blackfin upstream?

Which function exactly isn't in 2.6.19 ?

> Today I come back on this project, and I want to restart from
> the latest libertas sources. But since some month, I see a
> very very big quantity of patch on the mailing list. Can I
> find somewhere the last libertas tree which include all the
> patch ?

Yes, it's in the wireless-2.6 git tree, branch everything.

$ git clone git://
$ cd wireless-2.6
$ git checkout -b everything origin/everything

IF you already have a recent git tree checkout, you can speed up
this tremendously by using "--reference DIRECTORY--GIT-TREE"
on the "git clone" command.

> Other question, when the libertas_cs.ko module is loaded, and
> firmware downloaded, eth0 appear when I do "ifconfig eth0 up",
> but how can I set the wireless parameters ?

With "iwconfig" from wireless-tools.

$ ifconfig eth0 up
$ iwconfig eth0 essid BLAH
$ iwconfig eth0 key s:12345

This assumes that you have an access-point with ESSID "BLAH"
and the Web-Key "12345" around (very insecure). If you want
WPA/WPA2, you'd need wpasupplicant.

After a second or so, another call to

$ iwconfig

shows you to which AP you're associated.

> Habitually I use iwconfig, but it's not working with this
> card, iwconfig tell me that eth0 doesn't have wireless
> extension.

Maybe it's not named eth0 because of some dump udev rename
rules?  Be assured that "iwconfig" works quite nicely with
libertas. I, for example, have this entry in my
/etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules file:

SUBSYSTEM=="net", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTRS{address}=="00:16:41:72:f6:a8", NAME="eth1"

Be sure that you don't have clashes with other devices.
Maybe "ifconfig -a" before inserting the card can help you
here. Or try "iwconfig" without any parameters. This will
show you which 'ethernet' devices support wireless extensions.

> Must I use specifics tools to configure the wireless
> parameters of the card (essid, etc...) ?


PS: As a hint, write new messages, don't use the "reply" button of your e-mail program to start a new thread.

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