Questions on libertas driver

Cyril HAENEL chaenel at
Wed Jan 23 08:29:34 EST 2008

I sent some message some month ago about implementing libertas driver in 
a blackfin processor based board.

I used an old libertas tree, which compile OK with the 2.6.19 kernel 
used in my ucLinux distribution. The driver works, I can successfully 
load the firmware, and eth0 appear correctly.

After that my idea was to use the last libertas sources, I got it in the 
2.6.24RC1, but there was error during compilation because the libertas 
source included in the 2.6.24RC1 uses kernel functions that are not 
present in my 2.6.19 kernel. After that I stopped to work on this 
project to do other things.

Today I come back on this project, and I want to restart from the latest 
libertas sources. But since some month, I see a very very big quantity 
of patch on the mailing list. Can I find somewhere the last libertas 
tree which include all the patch ?

Other question, when the libertas_cs.ko module is loaded, and firmware 
downloaded, eth0 appear when I do "ifconfig eth0 up", but how can I set 
the wireless parameters ?
Habitually I use iwconfig, but it's not working with this card, iwconfig 
tell me that eth0 doesn't have wireless extension.
Must I use specifics tools to configure the wireless parameters of the 
card (essid, etc...) ?



Cyril Haenel
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