ARM, SDIO over SPI & 88W8686 firmware loading issue

Holger Schurig hs4233 at
Tue Feb 26 03:01:58 EST 2008

> the firmware images you are using are specific for the SDIO
> interface. to use the GSPI interface you would need to get the
> GSPI firmware images. currently marvell has not made these
> available openly, however the ZipItv2 has been reported to be
> using the GSPI interface for the 8686 which means the GSPI
> firmware is on the device somewhere.

If someone posts patches for the libertas-fwcutter to this 
mailing-list, I'm happy to enhance it to support SDIO firmware 
as well.

> there is very little documentation for any of the libertas
> chipsets available without NDA. there are some archived
> mailing list posts where someone from marvell accidentally
> posted some datasheets. you might try looking for those.

Yeah, the company is hindering their sales with this "we hide 
information" behavior. If they would have opened the 
documentation channel earlier, than way more embedded companies 
would have used their chip in the last one, two years.

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