ARM, SDIO over SPI & 88W8686 firmware loading issue

julien.boibessot at julien.boibessot at
Fri Feb 22 06:56:31 EST 2008


Quoting David Anders <dave123_aml at>:

> the GSPI interface for the 8686 is dramatically different from the SDIO.
> there isn't a SDIO over
> SPI driver to my knowledge. you can access SD/MMC cards using the SPI
> protocol, which is a
> seperate protocol than SD and SDIO.
> ...
> because the SDIO interface and GSPI are dramatically different, there is
> completely different procedure for loading the firmware for the GSPI

I'm using SDIO interface in SPI mode not GSPI. 2.6.24 kernels now have the
required drivers to speak with SDIO cards (not only SDcards) in SPI mode.
Do you think the firmware to download is really different between SDIO 4 bits
mode and SDIO SPI mode ?

> there is very little documentation for any of the libertas chipsets available
> without NDA. there
> are some archived mailing list posts where someone from marvell accidentally
> posted some
> datasheets. you might try looking for those.

Thanks ! I will dig a little ;-)


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