AVR32 + Marvell8385, ETIMEDOUT helper firmware loading problem

Dan Williams dcbw at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 08:00:46 EDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 10:02 +0200, Fabien Sartor wrote:
> Hello libertas,
> I'm with an AVR32 architecture and I'm trying to operate a marvell8385 
> chip in sdio for 2 months. I stop always at the same point. When the 
> driver load the helper, it response me :

What kernel version, and if you're using a libertas version not from
that kernel, what date did you pull it from?

>         libertas: can't load helper firmware 
>         libertas: failed to load helper firmware 
>         SDIO: Disabling IRQ for mmc0:0001:1... 
> After deeps investigations, I found the « int if_sdio_prog_helper(struct 
> if_sdio_card *card) » in "if_sdio.c"  return me : ret = -ETIMEDOUT; (ret 
> = -110), and I don't know why !

It basically means the card wasn't ready to accept another firmware
block after 1 second.  What silicon revision is your 8385 BTW?

> I found the firmware in this site : 
> http://projects.linuxtogo.org/projects/marvell8385/. I tried others 
> firmware and it doesn't operate anyway.

Which firmware did you get from there?  Because I'm pretty sure the only
firmware there is CompactFlash firmware, not SDIO firmware, and since
you're apparently using and SDIO part, you probably don't have the right
firmware.  You should have gotten some SDIO firmware from Marvell when
you got the card, or from your upstream supplier.


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