AVR32 + Marvell8385, ETIMEDOUT helper firmware loading problem

Fabien Sartor f.sartor at s2ih.fr
Wed Aug 20 04:02:10 EDT 2008

Hello libertas,

I'm with an AVR32 architecture and I'm trying to operate a marvell8385 
chip in sdio for 2 months. I stop always at the same point. When the 
driver load the helper, it response me :

        libertas: can't load helper firmware 

        libertas: failed to load helper firmware 

        SDIO: Disabling IRQ for mmc0:0001:1... 

After deeps investigations, I found the « int if_sdio_prog_helper(struct 
if_sdio_card *card) » in "if_sdio.c"  return me : ret = -ETIMEDOUT; (ret 
= -110), and I don't know why !

I found the firmware in this site : 
http://projects.linuxtogo.org/projects/marvell8385/. I tried others 
firmware and it doesn't operate anyway.

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