[GIT *] Clean up most of libertas endianness braindamage

Jeff Garzik jeff at garzik.org
Tue May 15 00:39:47 EDT 2007

David Woodhouse wrote:
> At http://git.infradead.org/?p=users/dwmw2/libertas-2.6.git I've made an
> attempt to clean up most of the obvious breakage of the libertas driver
> on BE machines.
> Now I don't get the simple and obvious failures on PPC like rejecting
> the firmware -- I get a spinlock deadlock instead, which I shall
> investigate when I get home and have more time (and BE machines with
> serial console).
> These patches should be a no-op on little-endian machines. I have
> confirmed it still works on i386 with spinlock debugging disabled, as it
> did before.

Unfortunately (as I noted to Dan Williams) there is a bit of a 
disconnect between libertas upstream (linux-2.6.git) and libertas-2.6.git.

Does libertas-2.6.git include the 19 fixes pushed upstream recently, 
from Dan?

I worry that your (and others) useful work might get caught behind the 


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