Marvell regulatory domain info storage?

Scott Lamb slamb at
Fri Oct 6 03:56:59 EDT 2006

Dan Williams wrote:
> I'm not sure, but there may also be power restrictions on a per-country
> basis too.  Need to look that up.  At least the FCC restricts power
> output of unlicensed devices, but I'm not sure if that's band-specific.


I was just asking an expert about this sort of thing, so I can relay
some information:

1) There are indeed per-country power limits. Not only does the number
change, but its meaning, too - some countries measure by RMS, others by

2) Calibration is per-country, too. I didn't get the details, but maybe
this is related to the above - the calibration procedure might just do
one power measure. This information is for my company's device, so YMMV.

3) Khaled said this: "You don't reconfigure your network card every time
you travel." This is because the laptop gets its regulatory domain
information from the Access Point via 802.11d. You can't legally operate
Access Points in different regulatory domains without adjustment. Now, I
have absolutely no idea what this means for mesh networking...

Warm regards,

Scott Lamb <>

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