initramfs failing, 7MB limit?

Scott D. Davilla davilla at
Mon Mar 10 13:56:38 EDT 2008

This is OT but I'm seeing what seems like a 7MB limit on an initramfs 

I can boot an initramfs which also works under kexec that has a cpio 
size of 6480384 bytes.  I have another (created the same way) that 
has more userland tools with a size of 7395328 bytes. That fails 
under both boot and kexec with the kernel not finding "/init" and 
panicking. "/init"  is present and executable in the initramfs. This 
fails on the target hardware and two other standard PC hardware with 
256M, 512M and 1G of RAM.

I use the kernel scripts (scripts/  and 
usr/gen_init_cpio ) to create the cpio based initramfs but it's not 
embedded in the kernel. It's a standalone initramfs that gets passed 
to the bootloader/kexec.

It's my understanding that with an initramfs, one is just limited to 
available RAM and there are no set size limits.

Anyone else see this behavior or am I doing something incredibly stupid.


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