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Marek Floriańczyk marek.florianczyk at
Fri May 12 06:44:48 PDT 2017

Dnia środa, 10 maja 2017 20:05:21 CEST Jouni Malinen pisze:
> On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 05:48:51PM +0200, Marek Floriańczyk wrote:
> > I have hostapd running with 80 devices connected to AP, computer is
> > 
> >  Linux cubieboard2 4.9.12-sunxi #4
> > 
> > devices are with NodeMCU module:
> >
> > Hostapd is 2.6 compiled from sources.
> > 
> > after a while (like hour or two) hostapd freezes with strange data in log,
> > there is no communication through hostapd_cli.
> Would you be able to use gdb or strace (etc.) to see what the process is
> doing at the point hostapd_cli cannot connect?
> As far as the log entries about EAPOL-Key timeout are concerned, it
> looks like the group key exchange is failing because the AP is not
> sending out the frame, the STA is not replying to it, or the response is
> lost somewhere in the kernel. It would be useful to get a wireless
> sniffer capture to determine which one of those is the case here.


I haven't been able to reproduce hostapd freeze.
However, I after some two hours stations deauthenticate with hostapd and they 
do not authenticate again even when restarted, I need to restart hostapd.

I have attached hostapd log file with station trying to reauthenticate after 
station restart.
I have also two hours long strace log, tcpdump, hostapd_cli and iw dev wlan2 
station dump.
I can put it on the net if anyone would like to check what is going on.

Best Regards
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