[PATCH 8/8] mka: add driver op to get macsec capabilities

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Wed Oct 5 07:34:02 PDT 2016

On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 11:19:00AM +0200, Sabrina Dubroca wrote:
> Not really, because (luckily?) this function
> (ieee802_1x_kay_change_cipher_suite) is never called.

Interesting.. Maybe we should just remove that function unless you had
some plans of taking it into use in the future.

> In
> ieee802_1x_kay_init I added a fallback so that if a driver doesn't
> tell us its capability, we assume it can do everything.  But, yes,
> this is broken.
> I see a few options here:
> 1) fallback in both ieee802_1x_kay_init and
>    ieee802_1x_kay_change_cipher_suite.
> 2) fallback, and implement macsec_get_capability op in
>    driver_macsec_qca.c.
> 3) no fallback, just implement macsec_get_capability op in
>    driver_macsec_qca.c.
> I'd lean towards option 3 and will update the patch, unless you prefer
> something else?

Option 3 sounds fine to me.
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