Generating ht_capab and vht_capab

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at
Sat Aug 6 01:56:17 PDT 2016

Dear list,

Whenever I build a new AP I have to go through the list of capabilities
reported by iw list and build the appropriate ht_capab and vht_capab lines.

This is (in my opinion at least) more frustrating than it needs to be
because the format in which the radio's capabilities are reported by iw
does not align with the hostapd.conf syntax. It is further complicated
by the fact that some drivers report capabilities (which are displayed
by iw) which are not actually implemented.

Still, the task could be simplified by generating ht_capab and vht_capab
lines from iw list output (for each frequency band supported by the radio).


- Does a tool that takes iw list output and that generates the
corresponding hostapd.conf incantations already exist?

- If not, should one be created as a stand-alone tool? As part of the
hostapd project? As part of iw?

Thank you.

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