Problems connecting with wpa_supplicant

Jo jmm at
Thu Nov 5 12:50:44 PST 2015

Thanks for the quick answer.

I don't think the AP is the problem because if I load the live with the
same AP configuration it works

The firmware loaded is the same in both cases as showed by the dmesg |
grep firmware.

lspci shows that I've got a Realtek RTL8191SEvB, which I guess is the
kernel module
	Realtek RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

I tried loading all the family realtek as modules but it didn't fix it.

But if wpa_supplicant does perform some activities with the card such as
scanning, doesn't that mean that the correct kernel modules of the card
are active?


On 11/05/2015 09:42 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 2015-11-05 at 20:33 +0100, Jo wrote:
>> Hi all, I've been trying to access my wifi net with wpa_supplicant in
>> two cases with the same .conf file.
>> 	1. With the gentoo live --> It works (wpa.good.log)
>> 	2. With my just-installed gentoo machine --> It fails (wpa.bad.log)
>> In those logs there is also the information of lspci, dmesg | grep
>> firmware and lsmod of both cases.
>> The lines that seems to notify the error in the bad log are the following:
>> nl80211: Drv Event 37 (NL80211_CMD_AUTHENTICATE) received for wlp8s0
>> nl80211: MLME event 37; timeout with e4:c1:46:f3:a5:52
>> wlp8s0: Event AUTH_TIMED_OUT (14) received
>> wlp8s0: SME: Authentication timed out
> It means that either the AP didn't reply to your request, or the card
> didn't hear the APs request.  This can be either AP or kernel driver
> problems.  If you try with a different device/driver combo, do oyu stil
> get the same errors?
> Dan
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