Is iw telling me I can't do it

John Finley john.finley
Tue Sep 16 09:09:29 PDT 2014


I can set up my wireless card as an AP, as a STA, or as both AP and STA.
What I want to do next is set it up as an AP with two SSIDs (one will be
WPA2, and one will be open). I have groped around through various postings,
and I *think* iw is telling me I can't do it, but wanted to make sure.

The card is as follows (from dmesg):

        ieee80211 phy0: Atheros AR9300 Rev:3 mem=0xa0c80000, irq=155

Amidst all the "iw list" output, I have:

        valid interface combinations:
                 * #{ managed, WDS, P2P-client } <= 2048, #{ AP, P2P-GO }
<= 8,
                   total <= 2048, #channels <= 1, STA/AP BI must match
                 * #{ AP } <= 1,
                   total <= 1, #channels <= 1, STA/AP BI must match, radar
detect widths: { 20 MHz (no HT), 20 MHz }

I have only seen the information in the first bullet in other postings, and
if I had only that, I'd assume dual SSIDs was possible. However, I think
the second bullet is telling me I can only have one AP. Is that right? If
so, then is the correct interpretation of this output that the maximum
number of APs I can run is one (second bullet), and the maximum of the sum
of the number of APs and P2P-GOs I can have is eight, e.g. one AP + seven
P2P-GO, or zero AP + eight P2P-GO.

I do not mind searching around to figure out how to make it work, but I
think it is already telling me no-go, and just wanted to confirm.

While we're here :), I have interpreted "#channels <= 1" to mean that when
I'm running AP and STA at the same time, they must be on the same channel.
That is working fine, but I'd also like to confirm that I'm interpreting it
correctly and am not being overly restrictive.

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