autoscan does not start after manual disconnect

Thiemo van Engelen tvanengelen
Tue Sep 16 07:06:43 PDT 2014


On an embedded linux device we use connman and wpa_supplicant to handle wifi connections.
Now I have a problem when there is a connection with an access point and I tell connman to disconnect.
Connman then tells wpa_supplicant to disconnect, which it does, but then the autoscan of wpa_supplicant is not started.
I draw this conclusion because there are no dbus messages from connman or wpa_supplicant on changed parameters of access point and the syslog does not show wpa_supplicant scan messages.
Yet, the syslog does show: wpa_supplicant[4164]: autoscan: Initialized module 'periodic' with parameters '10'.

When wpa_supplicant disconnects because the access point goes out of range or is shut off, the autoscan module does seem to work and the syslog shows wpa_supplicant messages about scans.

My questions are:
Is this behavior expected that the autoscan is not started when we (manually) disconnect?
Should I give a command (and if so, which) to start the autoscan when the manually disconnect?


Thiemo van Engelen

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