Nick hostapd
Sun May 4 11:04:17 PDT 2014

Hi everyone

I've got hostapd v2.0 working seemingly OK, but I'd like to make things
as secure as possible and so have been drawn the WPA-PSK-SHA256 choice
for wpa_key_mgmt in hostapd.conf.

I can associate my laptop with hostapd, and a neighbour's phone seems
happy with this:

> get_config
key_mgmt=WPA-PSK WPA-PSK-SHA256 

'iwlist wlan0 scan' on my laptop shows the WOPR network with
authentication schemes of PSK and unknown. So is the problem actually
with wpa_supplicant? I guess that's OT for the list, but possibly a
well known thing in the hostapd community? I have Googled, but the
keywords necessary just find too much of what I'm not really after.

In hostapd_cli, or otherwise, how can I tell what auth scheme has been
used? My neighbour's out and so I can't see how his phone is behaving
right now - not that I know what to look for.

As ever I'd like to thank the devs and community for another great bit
of FOSS, it has allowed me to make the most of my hardware. No need to
buy/run an AP, the cheapest USB dongle I have is now back in use.


PS As much as I say this is secure, the passphrase is probably
(close to) what you expect :)

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