wpa_cli: connect 3 device in a p2p group with WiFi Direct

Stefano Cappa stefano.cappa
Wed Dec 17 08:27:11 PST 2014


i can connect two p2p Android devices with this commands:

device1) p2p_connect "address_2" pbc persistent

device2) p2p_connect "address_1" pbc persistent

With this two commands, on device 1 (Group Owner) i get this message:

AP-STA-CONNECTED "address_2" p2p_dev_addr="address_2"


But now i have another Android device, called for example "device3".

Which is the correct commands on device 1, 2 and 3 to create a group of three devices where device 1 is the GO?

device1) ????

device2) probably nothing, because is only a client ;)

device3) ????

Thank you very much,

please help me, i'm trying for three days without success.

Stefano Cappa

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